Additional features

  • Contact forms
  • Availability Calendars, online booking calendars and forms
  • PayPal integration
  • Ticket systems
  • Photo Galleries
  • Newsletters & blogs
  • Links to social media, facebook, twitter, youtube, Amazon books....
  • Google Maps
  • e-commerce, on-line shops, shopping malls
  • Estate agents property listings
  • Holiday rental listings 

PennyGraphics professional graphic designers who take design seriously.



Booking engines, PayPal and more...

Whether you require a simple contact form to a complex online booking reservation system with PayPal integration, or a photo gallery to showcase your property, we can supply and integrate them into your website.

We have been asked for all types of forms and features to be installed into our websites. 

From ticket systems with printable pdf tickets and invoicing facility to booking forms and reservation facilities, business listings, estate agents listings, shopping carts with seperate postage facilities and codes for offers...

We can add into your website any type of addition you require, many are custom designed to suit your particular criteria.

Custom Scripts

We can design custom scripts into the code for your website for example, special shipping rates, that may be required on an online shop, multi-user accounts for property listings...

Please ask and we can advise.