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If you are serious about our your business then you need a website from PennyGraphics.

We design for businesses of all types, large or small, from renovation companies to furniture designers, shops and estate agents to holiday rentals, you name it we can design it.

Plus... we are very friendly and helpful and have a great after sales service that is second to none!

  • responsive design
  • tailor made
  • editable (content managed) no more paying for expensive edits!
  • online instructions
  • professional
  • search engine friendly
  • copy writing service

If you want a  website at sensible prices, from professional website designers then contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

Cost saving websites

Why pay for expensive updates!

All our websites are editable (content managed) complete with their own editing software... no need for extra programmes. Easy to edit and update any time on your own computer.

Online instructions are supplied with your own unique login, plus you can be assured of our help and back up should you require it.

Domain name and hosting are included in the price

With all the websites we create, the domain name and hosting are included in the price for free for the first twelve months.

Search engine optimisation

All of the websites that we design include first stage search engine optimisation to help get your website promoted on the search engines.

Our revamping service

Does your website it function on smart phones and tablets? Let Penny Graphics revamp your existing website so it will be easily seen on your site visitors smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, for a small fee we can redesign your website and handle the hosting.

Mobile friendly websites by PennyGraphics

No hidden catches

With PennyGraphics there are no catches, we offer sensible prices for a good service and top quality design, our websites do what they are supposed to do and that is to help advertise and promote your products and business across the web.

Don't sell yourself short...your business deserves a PennyGraphics website.



PennyGraphics we love design!

A few tips to help you when ordering a new website...

Before commissioning a new website it is useful to make a list of all the things you would like from your website.

It is important to plan out what type of site you would need for your business, as this will depend upon the type of website we will create for you and the final cost. We design many different types of websites, from gite websites with just a few pages, to complex  e-commerce and catalogue websites, (for example a photographer may need a special type of website to showcase their photographs in categories and galleries, or an artist may require a website that they can sell their work from, and an estate agent would perhaps need a property listing type of website)

Plan out how many pages you think you would need, for example a home page, contact page, your type of business page etc.. plus the page headings, think about whether you want customers to contact you using a contact form, or just via the telephone and email.

  • Do you want an online booking calender
  • Do you want moving images
  • Do you need people to find you easily with a Google map link.
  • Do you want your site to be funky and colourful or sleek and understated.
  • Let us know if you need to take online payment and if you need a listing/catalogue website or an online shop.

When you write the text content for your website here are a few pointers which Google recommends:

  • Keep your website content unique and specific to your business and high quality.
  • Do not copy your text from other websites, have a look for pointers on other sites to give you a starting point, but do not copy them.
  • And importantly your website content should be created so that it gives your site visitors a "good user experience", not to rank well in search engines.

The above are just some of the things to think about, when planning your website, or if you are at a loss and need a hand, let us advise you on how to plan out your website, we can even help you write it!

Do you want to be able to edit your website yourself or are you happy to leave it to us to do for you?

It is helpful to know how much of your site you would want to edit yourself, for example a simple business card website, you may not need to edit lots of things, perhaps just changing a few of the words on some pages now and then.

But if it is important that you have the ability to edit, for example, headers, footers, meta tags, css files then it is important we are told when you brief us.

Remember, write a wish list, jot down your thoughts, plan out your site... It can save you lots of time and expensive changes later, if we are given a full brief.

What happens after you have ordered your new site?

The next step is to send me the website content.

You can send your website content either via email, or pop everything onto a CD, USB or storage card and send it in the post. It is best to supply photographs and images as high res jpegs and text can be either typed out in a Word or Open Office document or simply typed into an email and we can then copy and paste the text into the website design.

Also it is helpful to tell me the domain name you would like and we can check on availability, also about the colours you like and a bit about the look/theme of the website. Plus you have told me a bit about your business.

If you have not got all the above information at hand straight away, no worries... we take what initial amount of information you have given us and we will create a design and then put a first page on line for your new site.

Anglo French Classics holding pageThe picture on the right is an example of a first page created for a client, it is usually placed online while we wait for the photos and the text from our client.  A first page, which contains some useful information and generally the site navigation, also gives the site a chance to be indexed and registered on all the major search engines.

If we have most of the site content already then your website will be put online (once the designs are created).

You are able to check through the website, the text, the images etc and we can then make any changes based on your comments. Generally changes at this stage are within the cost of the site, though major author changes such as a complete redesign, colour theme changes, new headers can incur extra costs.

We then put the final completed website back up online. Any authors corrections, additions or changes, after this point may incur some costs.

How long does it take to create my website?

Most websites take from just a few days to about a week or two, this is from receipt of all the website content, and depending on the type of website.

For example a six page gite website or business site takes about a week to create.

Listing websites and e-commerce sites can take longer to set up depending upon what is required and the amount of work involved.